Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thrift store end table

A new thrift store opened in my neighborhood earlier this summer and for one reason or another I never shopped there until last week.    I was so glad I did because there were tons of household items very reasonably priced and the people who work there were so helpful and friendly.

I spied this table sitting in the corner and at $10.00 I knew it was coming home with me.    

I sanded it just a little for a smoother finish and gave it a quick once over with some Dawn dish soap.   Usually I pick up things that are falling apart, so this was a nice change.     No tools needed!

At first I was going to do the whole thing in ASCP in Pure White, but then I was thinking that Paris Gray would work better with the metal for a more weathered look.   

I applied Pure WHite around the boarder on top and painted the rest  PG.   Then dried brushed the metal frame as well.    

Sorry my pictures are crooked, I recently got an IPad and I am trying to get used to it.   As you can see, I haven't learned how to crop my photos either.    My kids are trying hard to bring me into the 21st Century.   Not an easy job :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Small project with ASCP

I had this wood mail holder for a while now.  Originally I was going to use it to store silverware on the patio when we eat outside, but I changed my mind.   So often I pick something up thinking I will use it one way and 9 out of 10 times it becomes something else.

It really looked cute as it was, but of course I couldn't leave well enough alone.  I applied two coats of ASCP in Pure White,  distressed and rubbed in some MMS antiquing wax for a slightly aged look.  The roses were made from a cake mold set from Michaels and  white polymer clay.  

Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yard sale find

Here is a table I picked up recently.  All it needed was a fresh coat of paint.
And here it is with a coat of ASCP in Paris grey.    Love her paint!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spray painting plastic flower pot

I picked up this plastic flower pot last year at a yard sale for $1.00.        There were such pretty details on the pot that I wanted to make them stand out more.   And I liked the shape of it as well.

So when I was in WalMart the other day  (it feels like I'm always in Walmart)  I walked past the spray paint aisle to see if any new colors came out.     And that's when I saw this.      
A primer for plastic??


It sounded almost too good to be true, but sure enough, it works.    Basically you spray the primer on the plastic  (it goes on white) and when it dries, you can spray paint any color you choose.    For my flower pot, I went with a metallic copper color.

My camera is really outdated and takes terrible pictures, but hopefully you can see how much this looks like copper

I love that it was such a quick and easy transformation.      Now I'm in search of more plastic flower pots :)

Enjoy your weekend, all.   

Monday, June 3, 2013

Coffee filter roses

It's fun to see what you can do with a small wood box.    I picked this one up at my favorite thrift store for .75.    Since it was white, I was already ahead of the game.    No painting required for this project.

I didn't like the look of the just bugged me.    Some thin strips of muslin wrapped around the entire length and a muslin "flower" helped soften it a bit.  

 A freezer paper transfer from the Graphics Fairy was in order.

You can find a tutorial on The Little Brown House blog on making the roses.   She did the most amazing roses in a beautiful shade of pink, but I wanted my roses to be VERY white.   And to smell good too.   

 So first I filled my kitchen sink with water and added a few tablespoons of bleach to lighted the filters I already had.

 These were some leftovers coffee dyed ones when I made a wreath a few months ago.   I took half of them out to soak in the sink.

 And then outside to dry in the sun.    I scrunched them together because I didn't want them blowing all over the backyard.    

While these were drying,  I took the other half of filters and sprayed them with rose fragrance oil.    Since fragrance oil stains,  it was better to spray the filters that would be hidden, rather then directly on the rosebuds.

Oh, these smell sooo good

Here are my bleached filters all dried and ready to roll

Since these were going to be "rosebuds", I tied them with string when done.  No stems needed

I scrunched the  rose scented filters and layered them in the bottom of the box.    It will not only give the rosebuds some height, but it will smell yummy too.

A layer of burlap on top of those, then place the rosebuds side by side and fill 'er up.

Mmmm, the fragrance smells wonderful.     There will be sweet dreams for me tonight.

Have a good evening all.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ceramic tile coasters

Things have been pretty busy around here with the end of the school year and lots and lots of yard work.   There is a freshly planted Quaking Aspen tree and a new lilac bush by the patio.    I love the smell of lilacs and can't believe I waited this long to plant one.    As far as trees go, I can't get enough of the 10 years I've lived here, I've planted over 20 trees.    And no, I don't have a lot of property, but I DO have lots of shade in the summer.

So while my tired, sore muscles are recovering from all the bending and digging, I went in search of an easy project.   Thanks to my 12 year old daughter, I found one.

When she recently placed her cold drink on a newly painted end table, I asked her to please use a coaster.   She gave me a blank look and innocently asked, "what's a coaster?"

Clearly I am doing something wrong.    

So I dug out these ceramic tiles I had stashed in a kitchen drawer.    It was time to make some coasters

I had some decal paper that I ordered on Ebay months ago.   

And my trusty mod podge.     This is high gloss and waterproof.    Just the ticket for sweaty glasses.

Last but not least some graphics from the Graphics Fairy.     I really liked her images with numbers.  I printed them out on regular copy paper first along with a few other graphics.   Decal paper is a little pricey, so I wanted to use the entire sheet.    

 After my decals were printed out, I waited about 30 minutes then sprayed them with 2 -3 coats of Krylon Sealer to set the ink.    Then following the manufacturer's instructions, I let them sit for several hours.   

Trim the paper as close to your image as you can.

And place in water until the backing comes off.   This takes about 1 minute

Apply and gently pat dry with a paper towel.    This was my first attempt with decals, so I made a boo boo at this part.    I pressed a little too hard and  smooshed the 1.    For the next tiles, I dabbed around the images and not on them.

After they were all completely dried, I gently brushed on the mod podge.   This will affix your images and protect them.   The mod podge goes on white, but dries clear.

Number 2 was still drying when I took this picture,  but at least now we have some coasters :)

Have a good evening everyone.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pink cake plate

 Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by my favorite thrift store to see what goodies I could find.  Some days I cart home a huge haul of stuff while other days the pickins' are  pretty slim .

Yesterday was one of those slim pickins' day.
But I had to bring home something to work on and that's when I saw this wood plate and a few minutes later this brassy colored candle holder in another aisle. 

I don't have a cake plate of any kind, and thought it would be fun to try to make one.    This one, being mostly wood and paint, might work well on the patio table to put flowers on.  Sort of like a mini centerpiece.

After gluing the base on the plate with gorilla glue, I applied some oil based white primer

Here it is freshly painted pale pink

I can't wait to make more using different kinds of plates and bases.

Enjoy your evening, everyone.